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Charting My Creative Odyssey: From Education to Design

Hey there! I'm Shannon, and I've always been that person rearranging furniture or doodling in the margins of my notebooks. Design has been my silent companion as long as I can remember, quietly nudging me towards a path I never expected.

Life had Different Plans...

Life had different plans initially. I nearly dove into interior design but took a detour into a deeply rewarding role as an Educational Assistant, helping children with learning disabilities. It was fulfilling, but over the years, a subtle whisper grew louder – a call for something more, something creative.

Tyler and Shannon at a waterfall in Tahiti
Tahiti 2023

Enter Tyler, my now-husband, with a background in business and a knack for sales and marketing. We met when he moved to the Okanagan for university, and our friendship unfolded over a decade before evolving into a beautiful family of four, with my musically inclined son, and our gymnast of a daughter.

My Diploma in Graphic Design

Shannon and Tyler in NYC
NYC 2022

As the years passed, that inner call for creativity couldn't be ignored any longer. Armed with determination, I pursued a diploma in Graphic Design, and the moment I held it, everything clicked. There was no turning back.

Tyler and I, with his business savvy and my newfound passion for design, decided to leap into the unknown. And thus, Running House Graphic Design was born – a fusion of love, friendship, and a shared commitment to turning ideas into visual magic.

Our Native Roots

Capilano Suspension Bridge
Capilano 2021

"Running House" holds a deep significance for us. It's a nod to our Native roots, as Kwantlen, my Native Band, translates to "tireless runner." In following our rich legacy and traditions, we work tirelessly at building a strong sense of community within our traditional territory. The name embodies the spirit of tireless dedication. "House" pays homage to the native long houses, symbolizing unity and respect for our cultural heritage.

A Story Unfolding

This journey isn't just about running a business; it's a story unfolding, a canvas for dreams and creativity. Join me as I share insights, experiences, and the behind-the-scenes of Running House Graphic Design. Welcome to my world!

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